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The complete works of TW Rhys Davids

The Works of Thomas William Rhys Davids
Stand-alone books
1877 On the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon
1880 Buddhist Birth Stories
1881 Buddhist Suttas SBE
1881 The Hibbert Lectures — Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion, as Illustrated by Some Points on the History of Indian Buddhism
1880 & Oldenberg Vinaya Texts Part 1
1882 & Oldenberg Vinaya Texts Part 2
1885 & Oldenberg Vinaya Texts Part 3
1890 Questions of King Milinda Vol 1
1894 Questions of King Milinda Vol 2
1894 Buddhism — Being a Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama, the Buddha
1894 Buddhism Its History and Literature from American Lectures on the History of Religions
1896 Yogāvacara’s Manual of Indian Mysticism as Practiced by Buddhists
1903 Buddhist India
1908 Early Buddhism
1899 Dialogues of the Buddha Vol 1 from SBB
1910 Dialogues of the Buddha Vol 2 from SBB
1921 Dialogues of the Buddha Vol 3 from SBB
1921–25 Pali-English Dictionary PTS

His contributions to the Journal of the Asiatic Society
Over the years TWRD contributed 10 long articles to the Journal of the Asiatic Society as well as many short items of Correspondence, Obituaries and Book reviews. List of titles includes:

Listed Articles
1872 The Conquest of South India in the Twelfth century by Parākrama Bāhu, the Great King of Ceylon JRAS Bengal 1872
1875 Three Inscriptions of Parākrama Bāhu the Great from Pulastipura, Ceylon (date circa 1180 A.D.)
1875 Sīgiri, the Lion Rock, near Pulastipura, Ceylon; and the Thirty-ninth Chapter of the Mahāvaṃsa
1875 Two Old Siṃhalese Inscriptions. The Sāhasa Malla 1200, and the Ruwanwœli Dāgaba 1191
1891 The Sects of the Buddhists
1892 Schools of Buddhist Belief
1899 Theory of Soul in Upanishads
1901 Asoka and the Buddha Relics TWRD
1901 The Last to Go Forth
1904 Note on the Middle Country of Ancient India

When Rhys Davids was Secretary and Librarian of the RAS his job included answering letters, writing obituaries and reviewing books as well as getting all the aticles in order and publishing the journal. When did he have any time to do Pali? His following short pieces are combined into one file that you can download here.
1888 Kālidāsa in Ceylon
1891 The ‘Four Requisites’ in Guhasena’s Grant dated 248
1891 A Ceylon Embassy to Egypt
1891 Fa Hien’s ‘Fire Limit’
1891 The Buddha’s ‘Residences’
1891 Nāgasena
1892 Yüan Chwang or Hiouen Thsang?
1894 Sanskrit in Ceylon
1895 Aritthaka Stone
1898 Indian Sects or Schools in the Time of the Buddha
1898 The Sambodhi in Asoka’s Eighth Edict
1898 Water (Watura) in Sinhalese
1898 Asoka’s Bhabra Edict
1898 Aṅgaṇa
1899 Early Commerce between India and Babylon
1899 The Gosinga Kharoṣṭhi MS
1899 Hiouen Thsang and the Four Vedas
1899 A response to: The Theory of Soul & the Initiative of the Avesta
1903 Metrical Prose in Indian Literature
1903 Pāli and Sanskrit — a response
1907 Commentary on the Dhammapada
1911 Does al Ghazzali use an Indian Metaphor
1919 Sources of Pāli Commentaries

Obituary notices written by Rhys Davids for the JRAS
His own Obituary appeared in 1923.

Book Reviews
Rhys Davids never ceases to amaze me with his polymath intellect. He could read a book in Italian or French about a translation from ancient Chinese and offer critical advice. From 1894 to 1905 he had control of the Journal of the RAS and wrote a large number of Book reviews. Here they are in one file: TWRD 1894 – 1905 Notices of Books from JRAS

Articles from various other sources

1870 Three Articles on Cylonese inscriptions JRAS Ceylon Branch 1870: On Methods of Taking Impressions of Inscriptions; Inscription at Wæligama Wihare; Dondra Inscription, No. 1
1872 Dondra Inscription — Indian Antiquary 1872
1872 The Cave of the Golden Rock, Dambula Ceylon  — Indian Antiquary 1872
1873 Inscriptions at the Audience Hall of Parakrama Bahu Pulastipura Ceylon Indian Antiquary 1873-2
1877 On Nirvāna etc from The Contemporary Review 1877
1877 What has Buddhism Derived from Christianity TWRD JPTS 1920-23
1879 Is Life Worth Having from The Sunday Lecture Society
1895 Persecution of the Buddhists in India from JPTS 1894-1896
1899 Some notes on the Political Divisions of India when Buddhism Arose from JPTS 1897-1901
1901 Buddhism from Great Religions of the World
1908-1927 The contributions of TWRD to Encylopedia of Religion and Ethics
1909 Buddhism and Annihilation from Buddhist Review Vol 1 No 3 July 1909
1911 The contributions of TWRD to the Encylopedia Britannica 1911
1915 The Beginnings of Religion from Journal of the Manchester Egyptian and Oriental Society 1915
1917 Cosmic Law in Ancient Thought from proceedings of the British Academy 1917
1917 The Cakkavatti from Commemorative Essays presented to Sir Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar 1917 section on Buddhism
1922 The Early History of the Buddhists from The Cambridge History of India Vol 1 Ch 7

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